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During my forty plus years as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I have had more than 60,000 hours of in-depth conversations. Each interview is the story of a self: how it thinks, feels and reacts to the circumstances of a life it calls its own. At the heart of every story there is a sense of—and a belief in—a self as separate entity, both as the subjective “I” of action, and as the objective “me” to whom things occur. We maintain and perpetuate this way of knowing and embody its experience.

The story of the separate self reflects dilemmas of how to express into and, at the same time, be protected from the world that surrounds. Over time, personal identity develops density. Practiced patterns of perception become characteristic ways of knowing.

What we hold as identity either fetters or liberates. We can examine patterns that structure knowing and thereby outgrow personal identity. It is the intent of this website to provide useful guidance, so that we may find more space, ease and clarity in the lives we lead. We can experience new ways of being and discover an intrinsic freedom and aliveness in all experience.